Aesthetic for the Senses

  • 01. Responsive Webdesign
  • 02. Interface Design
  • 03. App Design
  • 04. Prototyping (Low & High Fidelity)
  • 05. Landing Page Design
  • 06. Design System Integration

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Responsive Webdesign

Responsive web design is the the design of an adaptable and fluid website layout. This not only does justice to the normal desktop computer, but also takes into account the requirements of other types of devices. Most common is the mobile phone and tablet.


With prototyping we can get a better understanding about an early concept of a product or website and the userflow and micro interactions. This approach is useful for new product ideas and agile team set ups.

Landingpage Design

A landing page is similar to a website, but usually has no navigation or links. Instead, it includes a clear, action-oriented headline and a few key points that highlight the value of a product or service. The landing page concludes with an action: for example a direct sale, a sign-up for a newsletter or download.

Design System

Closing the gap between print and digital around a shared language that will evolve with time. Design System is the direct descendant of the Graphic Brand Guidelines but it's more mature and more integrated into the teams' workflow. With a design system we can create reusable components for complex software interfaces.