Einige Informationen die du vor unserer Zusammenarbeit wissen solltest:

  • What are your Services?
  • I offer the full service from Brand Strategy, Logo Design, Print Colleteral and the Implementation of Websites and Webshops. I take care of Basic SEO Settings and I also help with the UX Analysis of existing Webpages.

  • Agile Design Sprints
  • I work in an agile setup with very close team collaboration and short feedback loops

  • How does the typical project process looks like?
  • After you booked your info call, I offer you 1 hour focus session to get to know each other, to discuss your requirements and goals. Afterwards you will receive a first proposal which will frame the services you need to realise your project. If you agree with it, we will define milestones and start the project.

  • How is your communication processes for meetings and updates on work progress?
  • The official language of communication is English to ensure that everyone can participate. This simplifies the documentation and the standardization of work processes in the entire project. I have established a solid flow of information and a structure that ensures fast and smooth cooperation. Communication initially takes place via email, phone and your access to the Asana project. I use Zoom for weekly meetings. Large projects get access to a Slack channel. Before I start working on your project, you will receive detailed instructions and access authorization to my most important communication tools. I make sure you have everything you need to help plan, track progress, and attend recurring meetings. Our goal is to ensure transparent communication.

  • What are the payment conditions?
  • New customers: Established companies with a trading history are either billed once a month if we work on an hourly basis. In the case of fixed-price projects, a 50% deposit is generally charged in advance. High-risk customers: must pay 100% for all services in advance, e.g. B. New companies that have only recently been in business. Existing customers: We issue an invoice once a month, usually on or around the 5th of the month.

  • Can I get an offer with a quote?
  • I offer you a comprehensive and detailed analysis of your business (design audit) and help you choose the right service package for you, based on your business goals and budget. Please understand that I cannot accept all inquiries as I absolutely want to make sure that I deliver high quality work and meet deadlines. If we see the potential for a collaboration, but don't have the capacity, I will offer you an alternative date for your project.

  • Change request policy?
  • Changes are inevitable in any dynamic project such as a new development. Still, there have to be some rules to organize the timing and number of changes so I can keep my promises and deliver on time. Before I start to work, you will receive an assessment of the effort and the deadline from me. If I already started to work, I will not be able to take redesign requests as part of the same service package.

    If the new role matters to you, there are three options:

    1- Include this as a replacement for another feature in the service package
    2- Add it to the existing service package with additional working hours
    3- Book this feature separately

  • Which After-Sale-Service are you offering?
  • After publishing your project I offer 60min info calls each quartal to gather updates for you websites and to discuss the further development of your brand.