Mannu started practicing Yoga in 2010, but it wasn't until 2012 that he dived deep into the ashtanga method and from then onwards he has continued dayli uninterrupted practices.

Ever since, the practice has been the center of his life. In 2014 he moved to Asia thus making it easier for himself to go back to mysore India every year to study with his Guru Sharath Joys.

Currently Mannu teaches ongoing Ashtanga Yoga Mysore Program in an intimate setting in his own home: JANGALIKA HOUSE, in the Paradise Island Kho Phangan, Thailand.

Otherwise Manu can be found either studying in Mysore India or practicing and teaching in Bali and Mexico.

Daily Classes
6 Days a Week
From Sunday to Friday
from 7am
Jangalika Shala, with Mannu-Yoga

New students to the Ashtanga Yoga Method are asked to commit to at least one week. Only Students with an established practice of at least half primary series should consider drop in classes.

On Fridays there is a Primary Series led class at 7 a.m. followed by a Yoga Theory and Philosophy discussion group.

All classes are held in JANGALIKA: House of Ashtanga Yoga just 2 minutes away from the quiet village of Sri Thanu on the west side of the island.

Please speak to Mannu in person or contact him at if you have doubts about drop in classes.

All payments must be done in cash before or at the beginning of your classes. If you wish to pay by credit card please contact Mannu via Email.

Drop In _500 THB
1 Week _2000 THB
2 Weeks _4000 THB
1 Month _7000 THB
2 Month+ _6500 THB

jângal m (plural jângales) jungle (large, undeveloped, humid forest)

A few years ago I realized that I couldn’t work in or for “Yoga studios” anymore. Most of these places (certainly there are a few exceptions out there) compromise teachings for numbers: Number of students, number of different styles, number of teachers, number of sales and profits. Usually, in these places, the teaching; if it is considered at all, is the last on the priority list.

After teaching in a rented space for more than a year I was blessed to find this beautiful house in the jungle that is more supportive and conducing to my Sadhana, an austere and tranquil lifestyle and a beautiful Ashtanga Yoga Shala.

Learn Yoga Chants

This is the place where I life and practice
study and teach Mysore Style Ashtanga Yoga.
Jangalika Shala

Come visit!
I’ll be more than happy to welcome you
in my House of Ashtanga Yoga.

More Yoga Philosophy
insights and discourses
in my Journal

If you want to get a deeper understanding about yoga Philosophy, I recommend to join my 2 weeks Ashtanga Yoga Immersion Course. A deep immersion into daily morning practice and afternoon sessions will gradually bring practitioners to experience and allow their own organic intelligence to blossom.

» Ashtanga Yoga Immersion

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