Designing a responsive
User Centered Food Delivery Experience
(Web, App, Tablet).





UI/UX Team


2015 - 2017

After my apprenticeship as Mediadesigner (Digital/Webdesignerin) in 2014, I was starting my job at Lieferando as Junior Front-End Developerin. In 2015 europes biggest player in the market of food delivery was in need for a responsive web experience! I contributed to the web frame work and was involved in the further development and quality assurance of the css & js code (node.js, json, webpack, git workflow). Lieferando was founded in 2009, after the merge with takeaway.com Takeaway.com was also known as Thuisbezorgd.nl - The Company with the Orange brand colours from the Netherlands. It was the start of a new aera expanding the food delivery service branded in orange and going responsive for 11 countries.

As part of the newly build UX Team, we worked in Google Design Sprint, where Personas has been defined, and User Test has been conducted. We synthesised the users preferences to align the new features and to agree on a coherent vision backed up by web analytics and user data.

In 2016 I took over the role as first inhouse Webdesignerin (UI) with the Goal to align the user experience (UX) of the Web and App for all 11 countries. I was responsible for redesigning the entire ordering process and customer journey of the food delivery platform. I developed a design workflow to ensure better collaboration within x-functional teams. With the creation of the first design system, I laid the foundation for better collaboartion among departments and to look beyond the web frontend team projects. I created first UI components, prototypes and a style guide which could be used for further development for the growing teams. Developing a Design System Helped to onboard new Designers and to align the various departments and Product Teams, as a foundation to guide the design requirements and opportunities of the entire organization working with key stakeholders throughout the process.

I analysed the different web features on both plattforms and the web app. While conducting the ux design audit I identified a gap of features provided within the different markets and websites. Together with the new UX Team Lead, who was responsible in conducting deeper Analysis we synthesised the users preferences to align the new features and to agree on a coherent vision backed up by web analytics and user data.

Creating an Information architecture helped us to understand the data and screen designs, which needs to be provided.

With the new interface re-design, we kicked of a new aligned user experience for web, app and mobile

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